Review: A Star Is Born


A classic showbiz tale gets a modern retelling and proves that some stories never lose their emotional resonance. After many false starts, that at one time included Clint Eastwood directing Beyonce, Bradley Cooper decided to step behind the camera for his directorial debut and what a debut it is. Cooper does sensational, career-best work in front of the camera and sublime work behind it. The love story at the center of the film is one of the most affecting romances in years and the concert scenes are breathtaking to behold. But the real star here of course is Lady Gaga, who absolutely knocks this performance out of the park. Her chemistry with Cooper is undeniable and every song will give you chills and a lump in your throat. A Star Is Born is a stirring and powerful piece of entertainment that transcends both its genre and remake trappings. Grade: A.


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