Top 10 Movies of 2018

Last year, I remarked on the uncommon number of smart and daring blockbusters that littered the cinematic landscape. Unfortunately for much of this year, I felt that most of the truly exceptional work was few and far between, particularly on the studio level. However, 2018 finished with quite a bang and I think that my … Continue reading Top 10 Movies of 2018


Top 10 Movies of 2013

  10. The Spectacular Now Directed By James Ponsoldt 9. Mud Directed By Jeff Nichols 8. Trance Directed By Danny Boyle 7. Before Midnight Directed By Richard Linklater 6. Upstream Color Directed By Shane Currath 5. Captain Phillips Directed By Paul Greengrass 4. Her Directed By Spike Jonze 3. The Wolf of Wall Street Directed By Martin Scorsese … Continue reading Top 10 Movies of 2013