Summer Catch-Up: Part 2

Where I continue to catch up on this summer's big would-be blockbusters and am left feeling mostly ambivalent towards them all except for a pair of smaller-stature heroes. But let's go ahead and dig into them regardless. Ocean's 8 While it refreshingly plays as a straight sequel with new characters and is a great showcase … Continue reading Summer Catch-Up: Part 2


Review: Hereditary

First-time writer/director Ari Aster brilliantly fuses horror metaphor and classic scares into a powerfully unsettling and disturbing depiction of familial collapse. Toni Collette gives a powerhouse performance in a film that is densely packed with big and frightening ideas. It's a slow burn of unnerving atmosphere and palpable dread that escalates toward a descent into … Continue reading Review: Hereditary

Review: Black Panther

Incredible world-building and design matched with an impeccable cast, all embodying fully-realized and dynamic characters, makes Black Panther one of the most memorable Marvel movies to date. This, coupled with the success of Creed in 2015, proves why Ryan Coogler is one of the most exciting and talented young filmmakers working today. The film effortlessly … Continue reading Review: Black Panther

Review: The Cloverfield Paradox

It's certainly better than your average "sci-fi/horror in space" movie with a great cast, strong visuals, and an excellent original score. However it's filled with high's and low's, while mostly following familiar beats of older movies in its genre. With each great, fun idea put forward there is an equally baffling and head-scratching one not … Continue reading Review: The Cloverfield Paradox