Review: Knives Out

Mysteries can be very hard to do. Can you stay ahead of a savvy audience and keep them guessing? Does your ending both surprise and satisfy? Does the movie still hold up on rewatch once all of the secrets have been revealed? Writer-Director Rian Johnson, an avid fan of Agatha Christie stories, answers all of … Continue reading Review: Knives Out

Review: It: Chapter Two

Andy Muschietti’s 2nd half follow-up to his massive 2017 hit does have a few good things going for it: it’s reasonably well-paced despite its incredible length, it boasts a very entertaining Bill Hader performance, and it gets a lot of mileage out of the strength of Stephen King’s source material. However the near 3-hour running time is littered with missteps from … Continue reading Review: It: Chapter Two

The Top 25 Episodes of Game of Thrones

WARNING: HEAVY SPOILERS TO FOLLOW. Game of Thrones has been with us for nearly a decade, but when it began, it was still a rather niche show. It wouldn't become the cultural phenomenon that it is today for a few years, after shockingly killing off many beloved characters in the early seasons. That type of … Continue reading The Top 25 Episodes of Game of Thrones