Review: Phantom Thread

A fascinating character study and relationship portrait with a window into an unseen time and industry. Day-Lewis is as captivating to watch as ever and while the film runs a bit overlong, and can feel inaccessible at times, the filmmaking feels born out of a different era of cinema that is undeniably entrancing. Grade: A-


Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Powered by rich, character-driven storytelling and pulse-pounding action, Rian Johnson and his team have created a wholly unique and emotionally exhausting Star Wars experience that is filled with jaw-dropping moments that already feel like some of the most iconic in the entire franchise. It is jam-packed with wonderful characters who all get their moments to … Continue reading Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Review: The Shape of Water

Impeccably crafted and designed, beautifully filmed, and lovingly executed. Del Toro delivers another singular vision that wraps parts Cold War thriller, social commentary, and moving love story into a dark and mesmerizing fairy tale. Sally Hawkins gives a once in a lifetime kind of performance within a vast sea of standouts. An enchanting and awe-inspiring … Continue reading Review: The Shape of Water

Review: Coco

Gorgeously animated, wildly imaginative, and deeply moving. Coco is Pixar at its very best with a story that masterfully balances laughs, tears, and soaring set pieces with unmatched depth and poignancy. It's a welcome and worthy addition to the studio's upper echelon of animated classics. Grade: A