Rankings: The Star Wars Saga

Star Wars has been a cultural touchstone for over 40 years now. George Lucas, with help from his pal Steven Spielberg, created the modern blockbuster and changed the way Hollywood made movies. For 90's kids like yours truly, the Original Trilogy is all the Star Wars we ever thought we would get - and that … Continue reading Rankings: The Star Wars Saga


Rankings: The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel movies have been part of our cinematic lexicon for ten years now and will have released 20 films by the end of 2018. While the quality of said films have ebbed-and-flowed through the years, the achievement alone of getting to this point is unprecedented. Unfortunately, with such a large franchise, the films can all … Continue reading Rankings: The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – 15 Essential Storylines

Star Wars: The Clone Wars works on several levels. On the surface, it’s a fun and beautifully animated adventure series. Once the show digs deeper though, and gets past its “War Story of the Week” structure, it enhances the Star Wars lore in ways the prequel trilogy failed to do (although watching those films now … Continue reading Star Wars: The Clone Wars – 15 Essential Storylines