Review: Mission: Impossible – Fallout


After 22 years, with the exception of John Woo’s stylish but silly second installment, the Mission: Impossible series has consistently topped itself and become one one of Hollywood’s most dependable and exciting franchises. Fallout not only raises the bar, but it makes every other action franchise look like child’s play. The action sequences here are the most spectacular and jaw-dropping setpieces put to screen since Mad Max: Fury Road. It tells a fun and twisty story while also doing some of the series’ best character work. The cast across the board is terrific, particularly Henry Cavill in a career-best role.

But what makes these movies such a thrill-ride is the dedication that Tom Cruise brings each and every time. What he does in this movie will literally take your breath away time and time again while also giving his most human take on the character. Fallout is not only the most thrilling entry in an all-time great franchise, is not only the best movie of the summer, it’s an action film for the ages. Grade: A+


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